Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back finally

How long has it been!! I have been so busy creating and working to fund it that I forgot to Blog. Can't believe the last one was May. I am going to share lots of photos of what I have been upto so that I can begin again a fresh and not need to keep talking about what I have done. Really into taking photos at the moment and making my own books using After the photos will be a list of what they are. Number from 1 top right going horizontally left and then onto the next etc.

1 - Thank you cards
2 - Smoke tree in our garden
3 - swan feathers
4 - Felt piece
5 - Fabric Book for friends daughter
6 - Tassel on book
7 & 8 - Pages in book
9 - Stitched tree on hand dyed fabric
10 - Embellished felt
11 - Birdy sketch
12 & 13 - Felt trees

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