Friday, May 30, 2008

Trees with my gocco - step by step

I have been playing with my new gocco and as I love trees so much I decided to create a screen from a photograph I had taken. Here is a photo of the results:
I thought I would share with you how I got to the final stage.
Step 1: Find a suitable photo which using a programme such as photoshop elements can be converted into black and white.
Step 2: I decided to reverse it and make it small emough to fit on my Gocco screen when I photocopied.

Step 3: Flash a screen with your gocco bulbs and then begin to print. I used a high mesh screen and fabric inks.

New ideas

I have been thinking of ways to get work onto canvas. I thought I would show you how I achieved this piece:

Step 1 - Find a butterfly that will hold still!!
Step 2: Using a photo editing software add a frame (great groups on flickr for this)
Step 3: Using a piece of text from an old family postcard add a layer of text

Step 4: Make the picture the size of the canvas

Finally I stuck a piece of ribbon around the edge of the canvas.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Restful weekend

We went to Bristol for the weekend to see De La Soul. They have been around 20 years and still great, they were one of the best groups I have seen in a while, got really involved with the crowd.

Saw this great gallery called Snap just the kind of thing I would love to be part of. Bought some fabric in Ikea,

Can't wait to make some bags from it. Bought 2 fab books: The sew it kit by amy butler and Last minute fabric gifts.

They are both gorgeous and I can't wait to make things from them. I would definately recoment the amy butler kit as a gift for someone.

Haven't had a sale on my shop for a while. Can only think I haven't been uploading enough new stuff, last 2 months were bang on with how much I wanted to sell and then this month, oh dear! I even had a special offer on, they are obviously not worth it. Well good news is I have some custom orders so at least I have time to get on with them. Hey ho.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I have returned.

Well that was a weird week. The strangest inspection I have had. Felt very strange the day after, like they may just come back. Now i feel relaxed. I can get back to making and doing the things I had to put on stand-by.

Went to Tescos this morning and they had a clothes sale on, bought several plain t-shirts to try Gocco printing on.
Finally got the photos of my camera from the Pamper evening that I had a stall at. Sorry they are a bit hard to see by they were in a school hall and I used my old camera.

Must just show you all this photo of 2 damselflies that flew into my house the other day. They landed on the curtain net, managed to get them out through the window.

One last things - Special offer - Spend $10 or more (£5) and get a free

brooch of your choice on my etsy shop - Sequin Girlie. Come along and have a look.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It has finally arrived - the inspection.

On wednesday the school I work at will be inspected. We are doing a good job I believe but it is still stressful. I feel nervous about what I might be asked. Fairly sure I know the answers but that doesn't stop me worrying. So roll on Wednesday evening. Slept really badly last night. Fell asleep fine but couldn't stay asleep for long. Spent the afternoon laying on the sofa watching films, What's eating gilbert grape and Hero. Love both of them. Doubt I will blog much this week.

I just want to sleep properly. Think I might have a play with my Gocco, how i love it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Got an order for a fabric journal for somebodies daughter's 21st birthday. Luckily it is not till August so I have time to make it. It will be one similar to this one

Must finish the 2 bags I am working on for commission at the moment. The weather is fab and so I have been down the allotment instead.

Must share this photo that I was able to take whilst out in the garden at the weekend. I often have trouble with butterflies as they are just so flighty!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

my new bags using my gocco printer.

Went down well

These are my first set of cards created with my new gocco printer. Oh how much I love it.
The pamper evening I attended at a local school was a success. I sold my poppy picture, which was a bit of a wrench, 3 bags and 2 brooches. Couldn't have hopped for better.

On a completely random subject, went to see the new russell brand film, forgetting sarah marshall, it is very funny but rude, wasn't ready for a full male frontal!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Soooo tired

Why can't I sleep properly. I can get to sleep but come the early hours thats it, I am aawake. Trouble is I feel so tired but I don't want to sit still, I want to be making things, I have so many ideas buzzing round my head. I have so much I want to do in the day, I love my life I don't want to waste it sat still resting.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Managed to find the time - even though I would love a time slowing down machine.

Wow, feel almost ready for the big inspection at work and also for the pamper evening that I am having a stall at.

Thank goodness for the Bank holiday, making it a three day weekend!!!

Managed to make and finish several bags and made a new batch of brooches. Completely different from before. They were inspired by a bag I made using some Liberty fabric.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The pressure

Work is rather manic at the moment, waiting for the big inspection to land. Find this really annoying as I wanted to spend time making. Been invited to have a stall at a school's pamper evening. Wanted to make some cute stuff but now loads of paper work and marking instead. Good news sold another bag through my shop and taken another custom order. Although it does mean I have one less item to sell through the pamper evening.
Must go now and cut out a few bags.