Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Busy, busy

Since I went back to work last week life has become a bit of a blurr. One of the bags I made over the holidays was chosen by my work colleague. Then other people started seeing it and now I have people wanting to chat about handbag commissions. It is great but so much for trying to get ahead of myself. Been invited to have a stall at a pamper evening next week. Arrggh need to make some new things for that.
Busy busy, no time to write. Will be back for an update soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brooches and more brooches

I am worried I might getting addicted to making these.

I have finished the ones that were in progress. Need to post one in my shop soon as both the ones that were in there have gone. I had a bit of trouble machine stitching round the ones that already had their pins sewn on so I hand stitched them instead whilst watching Back to the Future 3. I love 80s films. Found the handstitching very relaxing think I should do more of it. Mmm now I must decide which one to post on etsy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Feeling better.

I feel much better today, not sure if it is to do with the retail therapy I experienced yesterday. Thanks to my friend Jo for being a great shopping companion. Finished my new handbag in time to use it.

Oh and, I sold the flower brooch I had listed in my etsy shop. Very pleased that people/someone likes it. I love my new project in felt brooch making. Scrap that I have no sold both the brooches I had listed. May favourite one, the leaf has gone. Had to spend most of today doing boring paper work, planning lessons, as I am back at work soon. Did fit in a bit of time for some card making.

Just had to share this photo of my cat who was enjoying the sunshine:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trying to make the most of things and a small rant.

I am now half way through my second week off work. Tried to make the most of the time off to make things but I seem to have hit a wall. Felt very depressed yesterday and tired, doesn't help that I am not sleeping well. Want to look back over the 9 days 8 days I have had a feel I have lots to show for them. Not entirely sure why I feel fed up. Had a great day with my husband on Monday, went to see Jose Gonzalez fantastic singer and guitar player. One small rant though why is it when people go to a gig they insist on talking through the main performer. Don't mind so much through the support. At one point I could barely hear the singing because of the talking, go out to the pub if you want a yap. We had to move away from the worst people. And another thing..! People who constantly use their mobiles when out with someone at a gig. Is it not enough that you are out having a good time with a person you like. Stop thinking about what you think you are missing. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE and live for the moment.

I will watch over it for you!

Right on to lighter things:

Made the most of the sun again yesterday and sun dyed some fabric in pink. I used feather and cut out butterflies and flowers this time.

I have also been working on more brooches but in different colours this time. I think I am liking the leaves more than the flowers now.

I am now off to work on a bag for myself for a change.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trying to design a screen for printing

I have thought and thought about whether to buy a Gocco machine to print on fabric, and thought some more. Then I saw on wonderful lusummers blog about thermofax who print screens for you. So I think I will have a go at this first. Been spending a lot of the last 2 days working on creating the right image and trying to think how it would work. I would welcome people's opinions. The 2 are of a similar image but have come out quite differently. I am not so keen on the bottom one because part of the flower is cut off. What do you think?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brooches like tutti fruities

I previously made one of these brooches but now I have gone crazy and made a small batch. Then all began life as pieces of loosely hand made pieces of felt.

Then I free machine embroidered them and hand stitched beads on. I love the way the colours have turned out.

Hope to get some in my shop soon.

New items for blog

I have decided it is time I put more effort into my blog. I am going to big up call textile artist I have met through etsy. However I want to do other things aswell. I was thinking maybe about a tutorial for something I make. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to put them in the comments. We have still been having weird weather. Today in our village only (we were driving back from Tescos in the city and saw the change from rain to our village which looked like a bean bag explosion.) we had hail that was like polystyrene balls. 4 hours later, the sun has been out and it stil hasn't melted. Here is our house and garden:

I have uploaded the first of my new shopping/tote bags to my shop now and it is a bright summer fabric. Makes me feel hopeful that the warmer weather will come.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bags and brooches

I have been beavering away all this week. Incase you haven't guessed I haven't been at my other job this week. I have made some cotton bags, almost finished 2 really detailed ones and 5 brooches.
I also went out fabric shopping and had a big splurge. Laura Ashley had a sale on which didn't help.
I must go now and make some more things with this fabric. I shall post a big picture update soon.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What strange weather

Well it has been so cold at night, frosts most mornings and then gorgeous during the day. I can't remember the last time we had it this cold so late. I do remember being able to wear sandels at this time of year before. However I have made the most of the sunshine. I have been dying some material to match fabric I have got. I am working on another bag idea, keeping this one secret for now. I decided to make the most of the sun and do some sun reactive dying. Here are some pictures of what I been doing.

Monday, April 07, 2008

New bag ideas

I am very excited following my mums advice I have created a bag that does not need lining instead i use a french seam. It has a print on the front from one of my husbands wood cuts. VEry pleased with my new shopper.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

editing photos

All is well, I have made a 2nd sale, one of my photographs. How wierd that on the day I write a big entry about sales, and post in the etsy forum and i end up with 2. WOnder if there is a link. THat will keep my spirits lifted for the rest of the month. Think about 2 or 3 sales a month steadily would fund my ability to keep making with out it becoming too over whelming. HAve spent most of today editing photos to have printed and then list on etsy. Need to start making the bag someone has asked me to do. Somewhere in amongst this fun stuff I have to do paper work for my job. Mmmm making or paper work. Let me guess which will win. Here is a peek at one of the photos i have been working on.

and another.

New idea

After making my gorgeous corduroy bag,
I decided to have a go at making one like a brooch to match. Think it works.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


I have made a sale. It is the handbag with a poppy on it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at my emails and there it was. Just waiting for payment now. Packaging it up beautifully now.

Trying so hard.

I am trying so hard to get my business up and running, but still feel like giving up. HAve had business cards printed now. My fav are the little moo ones (photos to come soon). I have made my self a brochure on photobox and started showing it to colleagues, friends etc. Not sure where to go next. Hoping in the summer holidays to visit some local shops and galleries to see what they think. In the mean time I must keep making and promoting. Wish I could just get one sale from etsy. Coz right now I keep thinking "am i being un realistic". Everyone i show my stuff to says "oh its so great, where do you get the time?" and it is so kind, but isn't making me feel better. Most of all i love custom making things for people and i had an alchemy, custom design thing fall through, which i was so excited about. I spent loads of time making designs and samples ready to send and then they never gave me their email and address. Next thing was they rejected my bid. Wish I knew why as they hadn't even seen my designs when they had asked for them. Oh my, this is the longest written post I have done in a long time. Ho hum. Must keep going, people like Guerilla Embroidery give me hope. She is doing really well at building up her business. You go girl. Off to do some more making I think.