Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New bags and bits

I must restock my shop. I have made many things but seem to be running out of steam with etsy. Think it is because I haven't had a sale for 2 months. Thing is I have got lots of orders and sales elsewhere so there is no reason for me to feel bothered by this, but I still do. My head is in many places at the moment. Winding down for the summer, getting ready for September. Thinking about life in general, do I be sensible or go crazy, splash out, save for things to come, go with my gut feeling, think ahead, weigh up everything????? Arrr tooooo many choices, someone to tell me the answers would be good. Only good thing is the doodles that have come from this pondering.

Here are a few of them. Maybe things will come clear if I don't overthink them. Doing the right thing from a choice of 2 right things is impossible. How can you choose.

Making side of things - My cards using my Gocco turned out fantastically and I sold quite a few at the fair.

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