Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow and snow and snow

For over 3 weeks now we have had snow on and off. It all began when I had to have the last day of term off before Christmas, as all the main routes were closed. That was the 18th of December. Now we are at the 8th January and this time it wasn't just me who couldn't get to work. The whole school was closed because of snow. The weather forecast seems to show no end to it at the moment. Rather than get frustrated which I can feel very below the surface I remind myself how beautiful it is. I have posted a few of my pictures I look at to remind myself. I must also keep reminding my self about the amazing eerie quiet sound that surrounds us when it snows. I am enjoying the extra days at home, but today is the first day when I have felt guilt free, because the whole school it shut. I have decided, like many of people in the blogs I read, that I must clear some of my outstanding projects. Today I began to lay them out on the table. I vow to complete at least 2 this weekend. They so far consist of:

Finish party dress for baby girl

Finish (shall stop using this word now) bunting for baby girl

Fin.... Commissioned inchies piece

F... Commissioned landscape piece

List all outstanding bags on etsy shop

Put items in sale on etsy
Complete (ah found new word) Christmas garland ready for next year

Make 2 commissioned handbags

Once I have these things clear I really want to begin coming up with ideas for new designs.

Hope your New Year is going well and that the snow is not getting you down, if you have it.


niftyknits said...

I'm loving the snow - hope you're keeping warm!

Pomona said...

It's making me cold! And school is shut tomorrow as well, but I have to go to work after missing 2 days last week. I think I will persuade someone else to take me though - I am a bit a a scaredy-cat about driving in ice and snow!

Pomona x