Thursday, August 10, 2006

So many projects

ATC card now has fringed edges and I worked late into the night. Found someone to swap with and it is flying off to the Netherlands today.
Picked out next piece I want to work on. I created this a while ago at a workshop and have been mulling over ever since what to do with it. I love the texture so much I think i am becoming too precious about using it. We shall see. Also going to do another ATC today.

Been working hard all day but I still don't know where the time has gone. Decided to turn the above fabric into a small book. Went outside in the very gusty wind to dye some fabric for the inside pages as i didn't have anything suitable. Even after a very messy rummage.

Then had to dye it some more as when it dried it was soooooo much lighter than i expected.

Then set about turning this fabric into pages and pockets.

Almost ready to stitch it all together but need to remember how to make button holes as one of the pockets inside is like an envelope. Also been working on another piece that i created the background for last year.

It was lots of cut and bondawebbed material. I have now created buttons out of friendly plastic to attach to it.
Wonder what else i can get done in the time left before i have to clear up. I have now spread across the whole of downstairs, and outside.

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emmyschoonbeek said...

there is challenge starting on Fabric art journals on Flickr
maybe someting for you ????