Friday, April 16, 2010

How easily I seem to forget

Tonight I decided to get out some of my old copies of Cloth, paper, scissors which I something I have a habit of doing a couple of times each year. I also like to do this with my art and textile books aswell. It feels very reassuring as I turn the pages and suddenly the memories of what is on the pages flood back and so do the ideas that I often had at the time, plus many new ones. However tonight something new struck me aswell. As I flipped over one of the pages there was an advert for a soldering iron being used to cut felt. As I saw it I suddenly had a memory that in fact I have one fo those and I could have used it really successfully in projects I have been doing lately. How was it I forget I could use it. I am beginning to wonder if I have taught myself too many things to hold in my head at once and maybe I need to think of a way to remind myself of all the techniques I know. Perhaps a sequingirlie version of a sampler or a special book that I could flip through. I am sure I will return to this topic but one thing is for sure, it doesn't make me feel bad when I remember these things, it feels new all over again and in addition it stops me needing to persue a new hobby that requires more equipment and money. I have enough trouble resisting this as it is, how long have I lusted after an embellisher, a screen printing set, to learn how to do fancy icing properly blah blah.
I must mention a book that I really love right now:
Illustration Play
I love the unusual ideas and different takes on working with fabrics.

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