Thursday, May 29, 2008

Restful weekend

We went to Bristol for the weekend to see De La Soul. They have been around 20 years and still great, they were one of the best groups I have seen in a while, got really involved with the crowd.

Saw this great gallery called Snap just the kind of thing I would love to be part of. Bought some fabric in Ikea,

Can't wait to make some bags from it. Bought 2 fab books: The sew it kit by amy butler and Last minute fabric gifts.

They are both gorgeous and I can't wait to make things from them. I would definately recoment the amy butler kit as a gift for someone.

Haven't had a sale on my shop for a while. Can only think I haven't been uploading enough new stuff, last 2 months were bang on with how much I wanted to sell and then this month, oh dear! I even had a special offer on, they are obviously not worth it. Well good news is I have some custom orders so at least I have time to get on with them. Hey ho.

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