Friday, May 30, 2008

Trees with my gocco - step by step

I have been playing with my new gocco and as I love trees so much I decided to create a screen from a photograph I had taken. Here is a photo of the results:
I thought I would share with you how I got to the final stage.
Step 1: Find a suitable photo which using a programme such as photoshop elements can be converted into black and white.
Step 2: I decided to reverse it and make it small emough to fit on my Gocco screen when I photocopied.

Step 3: Flash a screen with your gocco bulbs and then begin to print. I used a high mesh screen and fabric inks.

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Jay said...

Wow this is so cool! I just found out about Gocco, and I want to learn so much!!! I love your trees! Do you think it would work on shirts? How big can you make a print? I'm sorry I'm so interested!