Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grains of sand

Time seems to slip through my fingers like grains of sand. I try so very hard not to waste the day or precious hours but even so I feel like I am a hamster in a wheel at the moment. Even sat here now writing this, which I feel is important, my mind is filled with what I else I could, should and must do.
Work is very hard going at the moment, which is a shame because all the things that are happening are ones I enjoy and want to do my best at but I am finding it hard to do each of them properly.
And once I have finished that and trying to keep a work like balance, I am so tired I find it hard to get off the sofa. Luckily my BF helps to motivate me into the shower, into the kitchen to help sort out for the next day and general be nice.
I have things I must do, like handbag orders and custom work and so many otherthings I want to do, make bunting for my step-daughter's soon to be bedroom, plan and make xmas presents, start a scrap book for my step-daughter whilst she is still young enough that we remember each moment, finish making a dress for her, finish the birthday cards I am making, do some more fabric designs, make a cushion for my class for whoever is star of the week, make random act of kindness presents, post my PIF thing, make cakes, make baby food puree and freeze it, build lego. Oh the list goes on and on. I will find a way, and I shall tell you how I am doing. For now I am going to go and shuffle some paper and take care of BF who has man flu and maybe if I can muster the energy make some lego.
Hope you are all not so below you mountains of things. I know I am not alone. I think it is one of the curses of being creative, having a family, being an adult, all of which I enjoy, really.


niftyknits said...

yep, that'll be why I gave up try to take time to be you - I know how hard it is. I'm feeling guilty now about the new challenge I've thrown at you!

Pomona said...

What a long list you have! Sometimes I find if I write all of it down it gets far too overwhelming, so I just write a few at a time, including one or two I can cross off really quickly, just to make me feel better! Hope it all remains manageable for you, and remember to be kind to yourself as well as others.

Pomona x