Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Trying something new and taking a breath

Today I was a good girl and I did planing and paperwork for school, even though my new gorgeous fabric from Moutain of the dragon arrived, there was Amy Butler, My Folklore and Kaffe Kassett. It sat and stared at me all morning, whilst I worked away on the laptop. I was very pleased several times, when I thought I had a whole piece of work to do, to find that I had already started it back in July, I think 'Get in' could be heard several times this morning. Just need some paper now to be able to print things out, don't want to risk hoping I can do that at work tomorrow as I get the feeling the server will be down. Having a tantrum for being ignored for 6 weeks. Then when I felt I had done enough and would treat myself to a bit of making I was asked to read an email, that we were a) expecting and b) knew wouldn't be great.
Trouble is it can still be easy to get irritated and wound up. But I am learning to become more Zen as time goes by. I have to accept that we can not rationalise with everyone and that some people form opinions from a situation that we can never change, whatever we do, or however we behave. It can be hard to not want to put this how they are and nit pick.
On the other hand I then decided to treat myself to a little play with the new fabric. I hate the table mats we have, they are old and stained, and it is not possible to get the stains out, I have tried. So a google searching I went, 'How to make a fabric placemat' only to realise I could probably work it out myself.
I am very pleased with how they have turned out except for one thing. As I was machining lines horizontally the fabric would seem to have spare at the end (with the batting) and create a bit of a lump. I have never done quilting, and I think I kind of made a mini quilt. What did I do wrong? would appreciate some tips.
Here is the result:


niftyknits said...

Looks good to me (suspect you have sensibly not shown the ends with the spare!)
I don't do a huge amount of sewing, but when I've ended up with more fabric at one end it's usually because one fabric has more "give" in it than another. The answer is to pin pin pin and not just get on with the sewing - or at least, that has been *my* problem, and *my* answer. Good luck with the new term!

Pomona said...

The answer to this is a walking foot - which allows for the differential feed on the fabrics - it's not just you and this problem is not uncommon. I always used to think it was my incompetence!

Pomona x