Sunday, September 13, 2009

Up above the clouds..

Decided to use a Turin Brakes song title today. Very pleased this week, sold several things on etsy and my first sale on Folksy. Got 2 custom orders to do. Off to bed in a minute and it will be my second full week. Last week went well and I managed to get through without being totally zombiefied. Very pleased with the fabric I ordered from Spoonflower and also how the bags turned out that I made with my Gocco printed fabric. Going to treat myself to some more Spoonflower fabric with my new designs.

Oh yeah and why is simple DIY so frustrating, I read a page in a book on what to do and followed the instructions but still the wall plugs would not fit in, how do people know which size to use. I am a reasonably intelligent person why can't I do this.

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Pomona said...

I always maintain that it is because I didn't spend my childhood playing with Meccano and Airfix. I am sure that early training counts!

Pomona x