Saturday, April 05, 2008

Trying so hard.

I am trying so hard to get my business up and running, but still feel like giving up. HAve had business cards printed now. My fav are the little moo ones (photos to come soon). I have made my self a brochure on photobox and started showing it to colleagues, friends etc. Not sure where to go next. Hoping in the summer holidays to visit some local shops and galleries to see what they think. In the mean time I must keep making and promoting. Wish I could just get one sale from etsy. Coz right now I keep thinking "am i being un realistic". Everyone i show my stuff to says "oh its so great, where do you get the time?" and it is so kind, but isn't making me feel better. Most of all i love custom making things for people and i had an alchemy, custom design thing fall through, which i was so excited about. I spent loads of time making designs and samples ready to send and then they never gave me their email and address. Next thing was they rejected my bid. Wish I knew why as they hadn't even seen my designs when they had asked for them. Oh my, this is the longest written post I have done in a long time. Ho hum. Must keep going, people like Guerilla Embroidery give me hope. She is doing really well at building up her business. You go girl. Off to do some more making I think.

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