Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trying to make the most of things and a small rant.

I am now half way through my second week off work. Tried to make the most of the time off to make things but I seem to have hit a wall. Felt very depressed yesterday and tired, doesn't help that I am not sleeping well. Want to look back over the 9 days 8 days I have had a feel I have lots to show for them. Not entirely sure why I feel fed up. Had a great day with my husband on Monday, went to see Jose Gonzalez fantastic singer and guitar player. One small rant though why is it when people go to a gig they insist on talking through the main performer. Don't mind so much through the support. At one point I could barely hear the singing because of the talking, go out to the pub if you want a yap. We had to move away from the worst people. And another thing..! People who constantly use their mobiles when out with someone at a gig. Is it not enough that you are out having a good time with a person you like. Stop thinking about what you think you are missing. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE and live for the moment.

I will watch over it for you!

Right on to lighter things:

Made the most of the sun again yesterday and sun dyed some fabric in pink. I used feather and cut out butterflies and flowers this time.

I have also been working on more brooches but in different colours this time. I think I am liking the leaves more than the flowers now.

I am now off to work on a bag for myself for a change.

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